Attempted rape, attack in Highland Park

Police are hunting for a man who attacked a young woman and allegedly attempted to rape her in the early hours of Friday in Highland Park.

A very angry father of a girl who was out with the victim told the Times that the pair were heading home after a night out.

His daughter had ordered an Uber but her friend insisted on walking the five minutes home. “(My daughter) grabbed her Uber and her friend, while walking home, got attacked by two people (who) beat her up and attempted to rape her,” he said.

“Fortunately she managed to escape.”

“The police said they got DNA and more than likely he will show up in their files.”

An anonymous post on social media said the attacker was a man of small-to-average build, Maori/Pacific Islander, 30-40ish “shouted out from behind”.

“She ran and he chased her. She threw her phone at him once he was close. He tackled her and pinned her to the ground and kneeled over her, wrestling, hitting her head, nose and lip and contacting her private parts. He held her throat.” the post said.

“He gave up when she started screaming and she got away and ran home.

“Not long before that a white hatchback/sedan with spoiler (similar to Celica) had passed her twice, cat-calling the first time.”

A police spokesperson confirmed to the Times that police are making enquiries following the incident in Highland Park at about 3.15am on Friday November 16.

“A young woman was assaulted by a man on Aberfeldy Street before she managed to break free and run away,” said police.

“Anyone who saw a suspicious person or vehicle in the area, or who has information about this incident is urged to contact Counties Manukau Squad on 09 261 1321.

“Information can also be provided anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”