Saturday, June 22, 2024

All Auckland train lines suspended due to fire

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Auckland’s train services have been suspended due to a fire in South Auckland. Photo Heart of the City

Auckland Transport (AT) says all train line services in the city have been suspended until further notice due to a fire near the Auckland Train Control Centre.

Part of southern Auckland is being evacuated due to a scrap yard fire in Favona, which is producing toxic smoke, AT says.

“We have been advised the Auckland Train Control centre, based at Westfield, has been evacuated.

“All trains on the Auckland metro network will be brought safely to a halt at platforms.

“All train line services have been held until further notice.

“Taxi vans will continue to run between Penrose and Onehunga until 10am, due to an earlier track fault. Scheduled buses will accept paper tickets.

“All services are held on platforms, so passengers can disembark to scheduled buses.”

AT says it will provide further updates shortly.

The smell from the fire at a vehicle scrap yard in Favona is noticeable in east Auckland.
An emergency alert about the incident was sent to residents in South Auckland this morning.
It says the fire in James Fletcher Drive is causing toxic smoke in the vicinity.
“Please close all windows and doors. If you have health issues, contact your health provider,” the alert states.
Residents in Dannemora, Whiford, Maraetai and Howick have reported the smell is noticeable in their area.

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