Saturday, December 9, 2023

‘The most important election in my lifetime’

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Pakuranga MP Simeon Brown, left, was joined by National Party police spokesperson Mark Mitchell at Brown’s official campaign launch on September 16. Times photo Wayne Martin

They arrived ready to enthusiastically back their local MP for another three-year term in Parliament and left carrying letters to deliver to voters.

More than 100 dedicated National Party supporters turned out for Pakuranga MP Simeon Brown’s campaign launch on September 16.

The high-energy event at the Howick Bowling Club drew people including former National Party president John Slater, Howick ward councillors Sharon Stewart and Maurice Williamson, anti-crime advocate Sunny Kaushal, and special guest, National police spokesperson Mark Mitchell.

Brown told the audience a National Government would “put this country back on the right track”.

“It’s with your support, and obviously so many people around the country and Auckland and this electorate, who are here to support me and the National Party this morning.

“Thank you for all you do. I’m standing to be your Member of Parliament for another term, not because I’ve got many more years to serve and I want your support, but because there’s so much this electorate needs from a National Government.

“We believe in limited government here in the National Party and we need a National Government which can put this country, this electorate, back on the right track and support people who want to work hard to get ahead.”

Mitchell said he’d recently attended six public meetings in the South Island and he’d sensed a strong mood for change at this year’s general election.

“I firmly believe, because this Government has been so bad with their economic management, that unless you can clearly demonstrate to the country you’re good fiscal managers and responsible, there is no other way to get elected at the moment.

“I think we’ve shown and proven we’ve got the public’s confidence that we know how to manage the economy and we know how to get ourselves back on track again.”

Mitchell told the audience Brown is “an absolute rock star”.

“Well done to the delegates who selected him, because not only has he got a massive heart for his community and he’s a very powerful and strong advocate for his electorate down in Wellington, [but also] he’s a conviction guy.

“Everything he does comes from the heart. He isn’t afraid to stand by his convictions and I think they make the best politicians.

“Not only that but he’s taken it well and truly to the Labour Party. I know for a fact no minister in the current regime wants to go up against him.”

Brown closed the event by asking his supporters to take a bag of direct mail, dozens of which sat on a table by the venue’s entrance, to deliver to registered voters around the electorate that afternoon.

“There’s a lot at stake in this year’s election,” he said.

“It’s the most important election in my lifetime.

“I’m sure it’s the most important in yours, so please get out there and help us as much as you can in the next four weeks.”

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