Who took the pitcher?


By Allan Shi

Who took the picture?

Whilst rehearsing for the Cockle Bay School production The Mystery of Magpie Manor, the main prop, the pitcher, disappeared for real! Funnily enough the script of the play revolves around the pitcher that disappears. What is they say about life imitating art? Year 6 student Allan Shi writes about the school production.

Who took the pitcher? Photo supplied

Magpie Manor is falling down; 30,000 pounds are needed to save it from crumbling down and turning to rubble.

The famous Pica Pica solid silver pitcher with the Magpie picture must be sold to raise money so Lord and Lady Pica won’t be leading a hand-to-mouth existence.

A grand auction ball is arranged, there is plenty of security and famous guests are invited to bid for the pitcher. But when the cover is lifted and the case is empty, Inspector Spectre is put on the case.

Agatha Christie, a guest invited to the ball, is also looking for clues to solve the riddle. Who took the precious pitcher and can they solve the case? The fate of Magpie Manor depends on them.

Cockle Bay School Production The Mystery of Magpie Manor revolved round solving the mystery behind the disappearance of the precious pitcher. Photo supplied

Cockle Bay School students from Year 5 and 6 have performed six shows over one term. There were more than 300 children across two casts who sang songs, learned dances and acted parts in the senior school production.

We worked really hard to get everything perfect under the guidance of Mrs Bell, our dance and drama specialist making sure that we stayed in character. Personally, I liked the dances as they had variety and catchy tunes to go along with them.

If you have seen the pitcher, please return it to Cockle Bay School, reward offered! We do want to return it to its rightful owner.