Whale Tales sculpture impresses

The Whale Tales sculpture was immaculately airbrushed by local artist Ron Van Dam. Photo Zoe Garden.

An incredible piece of artwork can be admired at the Art Lounge at 39 Picton Street.

The Whale Tale was created and airbrushed to incredible quality by talented local artist Ron Van Dam.

It was sponsored by Graham and Frith Jenkins, Howick Village Optometrists, as part of the Whale Tales 2022 – 80 tales, 80 Tails, 80 Artists, 12 weeks, 1 city, 1 mission – that begins in January of next year.

The Whale Tales Art Trail is an immersive experience that celebrates Aotearoa, art and marine conversation.

From January 24 to April 18 2022, whale tail sculptures – designed by artists and children and sponsored by business and organisations – will bring Auckland alive with themes of protecting and restoring the whales of our seas, including Van Dam’s in the Art Lounge, Pieter and Darlene Miering’s premises.

“We wanted to put it on display for the local community,” Pieter says. “It’s unbelievable.”