Saturday, December 9, 2023

Sunflower concert fundraiser for Ukraine

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Valeriy Boyko and his wife Elena Boyko at their fundraising stall on Picton Street last year.

A local group fundraising for embattled Ukraine has a concert planned for early next month.

Concert organiser Action Group NZ 4 UA has been fundraising for medical and humanitarian relief for Ukraine.

Ukranian-born Kiwi Valeriy Boyko, of Beachlands, and the group have been fundraising for Ukraine since early last year.

Last year, he and wife Elena Boyko went to Ukraine to deliver humanitarian aid.

“Join us for this fundraising event, for a night of quality music, to stand with people of Ukraine and support those who have been directly affected by the Russian aggression in Ukraine,” said Valeriy.

“The concert will blend jazz, soul, folk, popular and Ukrainian music, featuring musical and cultural performances by our local Auckland musicians and artists.

The line-up for the Sunflowers event features the Howick Brass Band, The Up Doos, Dasha Volga, Ant Hunt & Panacea, Natasha Hine Doula Kids Show, John Olding & Co, Back to the Hillside, Raylee Bradfield, Sergiy Klymchuk and Yuri Gladun.

The sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower and is becoming a global symbol of solidarity. All of the artists donated their time for this event.

“We are so grateful for receiving an outpouring of support from our local east Auckland community,” said Valeriy.

Meanwhile the latest shipment should have arrived in Ukraine at the beginning of the month. The group is planning another one with medical equipment for mid-to-late December.

“As well as general fundraising to continue providing humanitarian aid for Ukrainian people in need, we are now focusing on specifically raising funds to start working on our two new projects,” said Valeriy.

These include a mobile dental care unit, and hot line and direct psychological support unit.

“The dental care unit already exists and operates in close to the Red Zone area and in newly-liberated areas providing dental care for those who have not seen a dentist for months,” said Valeriy.

“We are to provide or assist with procurement of medical consumables, filling materials etc. The dental team will consist of medical volunteers.

“The psychological support unit is in set-up stage. The main purpose is to provide professional psychological assistance to those who have lost their husbands, sons, mothers, daughters, kids or parents during this illegal and awful war.

“Professional psychologists (also volunteers) are expected to travel across various parts of Ukraine for face-to-face interactions with their patients or group of patients, should on-line sessions not be sufficient.”

  • Sunflowers fundraising concert for Ukraine, St Columba Church, 480 Ti Rakau Drive, Botany November 3 from 6.30pm [7pm start] to 9.15pm. Tickets from $20. Kids under 14 free (accompanied by adults). It is a first come, first seated event.
  • For those looking to support further, donations also can be made via or directly to our fundraising account NZ 4 UA 12-3118-0515169-00,”

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