Seed of contentment or chaos

Seed is a drama that will make you laugh and cry. Photo supplied Rebecca McMillan

IVF isn’t foolproof and IUDs aren’t failsafe. iPhones come with ovulation apps and being married doesn’t mean you have to breed.

This is about the horror some woman experience when they learn they’re pregnant, even while in loving relationships, and about fancy fertility clinics that prey on people’s primal urge to replicate–in the hope of cementing the bond with their partner in a way a ring, a house or a promise may not.

A truly contemporary, hilarious and smart look at modern reproduction and female friendship, Seed is a drama that’ll make you laugh, or a comedy that’ll make you cry.

How far would you go to get a life? Find out in the play directed by Kerryn Palmer.

  • With a cast of Hannah Banks, Carrie Green, Sophie Hambleton, Tom Knowles and Emily Regtien, the contemporary and witty playSeed, by Elisabeth Easther, won the 2014 Adam New Zealand play of the year award.
  • Seed follows four women as they try to get pregnant, stay pregnant or become un-pregnant – the dilemmas of modern reproduction.
  • Date: Saturday 28 July, 2018
  • Venue: Uxbridge Arts & Culture
  • Time: 8pm

WIN: The Times has two tickets to giveaway. To enter your name, address and daytime phone number on the back of an envelope and send Seed competition, Times newspaper PO Box 259-243, Botany 2163 or enter by noon on Monday, July 23.