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Theatre Review: Now that’s a plot!

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FUNNY: Ian Milnes as Professor Marcus and right, Pam Browne as Mrs Wilberforce. Photo Sarah Ellis


Genre: Comedy / Drama
Directed by: Laurie Mills
Reviewed by: Sarah Ellis
Times rating: 4.5 stars

The stage is set in Post War Britain. Mrs Wilberforce, a sweet little old lady, has a spare room to rent.

She innocently welcomes Professor Marcus, a charming gentlemen and supposed classical musician, into her home.

One by one The Professor’s eclectic fellow ‘band members’ come to practice for ‘the concert’, when in reality they are plotting a bank heist.

As the innocent Mrs Wilberforce makes cups of tea for her lodger and his fellow gang members, she gets caught up in their plans and becomes an unsuspecting accomplice.

The small cast is led by the talented and clever Ian Milnes who brings the character of Professor Marcus to life.

Ian’s ability to create the mannerism and character idiosyncrasies of Professor Marcus is wonderful and has you racking your brains about who he reminds you of in real life.

Ian also designed the set, which is brilliant and works very cleverly.

Ian is not the only one that creates a memorable character. The whole cast have strong acting credentials and strong presence on stage. Watch out for Henry Warner who plays the quirky Harry Robinson to perfection – very funny!

At intermission you ask yourself where to from here – but the twists in the plot come thick and fast in the second half.

You can always tell when a play is good – it has you comparing the experience with those you watched it with. The Ladykillers had my husband and I talking long after the show.

Howick Little Theatre from November 12-December 3.

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