Review: Around the world with Ben Hurley

I’ve always wanted to travel the world. Until last Thursday night, I hadn’t really made much progress on that venture. Other than the obvious New Zealand, I’d ticked off Australia, Fiji and the outskirts of the USA otherwise known as Hawaii. And yet in just one hour, comedian Ben Hurley took me on a whirlwind trip through all 195 sovereign states of the world – all from the comfort of my seat at Uxbridge Arts & Culture Centre.

Possibly best known from his recurring role on the comedy television series 7 Days, Hurley’s stage presence instantly makes you forget about whatever was previously occupying your mind.

After a busy day/week/month, I was looking forward to relaxing and laughing away the stresses – and Hurley certainly delivered on that front.

Within seconds of him enthusiastically bounding on stage, I was laughing and eagerly anticipating my round-the-world journey.

There was no warm-up act – but who needs one when you can instantly make the crowd feel at ease yourself?

By the end of the hour, my abdominals were aching from laughter, I had tears streaming down my face and I was in no way, shape or form ready to head back into reality.

Alas, I had no choice. So with the strains of Toto’s  Africa playing in my head (surely the theme song of the night), I trudged my way back home eagerly awaiting my next chance to escape reality. If you get the chance to experience a Ben Hurley stand up, please do yourself a favour and go. I guarantee you, it is worth every cent.