Loose, Footloose! Come watch the show

The cast of Footloose the Musical.

Kick off your weekday shoes as Sancta Maria College (SMC) is showcasing Footloose the Musical.

From May 19, SMC students will be entertaining audiences with a singing and dancing rendition of the infamous movie Footloose.

Those involved in the production range from Year 10 to Year 13.

There are 20 in the cast, six in the band and eight backstage.

“We practice once a week,” Kate Bradley, the production manager, says.

An outside choreographer, Sass, polishes the students’ dancing and improves their techniques.

The original production was scheduled for the previous year.

Unfortunately Covid-19 caused its cancellation and the recasting of the majority of characters.

Aidan Lloyd was one of the students in the original cast.

“I’ve done acting outside of school,” he says, “for a performing arts programme.”

Aidan’s character, Willard, is an “oblivious cowboy”.

He “can’t dance” and has a “soft heart.”

Aidan’s love of performing and acting comes from watching films as a child.

Through the Footlose production, Aidan aspires to improve his craft.

“I want to pursue acting as a career,” he says.

Minju Kim’s character, Rusty, is constantly going after Willard.

“She’s comedic relief,” Minju says. “She’s very flirtatious.”

Minju says the challenge arrives from the fact Rusty is very different from herself. “She’s the opposite of me.”

Originally in the band, Minju was offered the role.

She’s nervous but is looking forward to the last night where “everyone’s full of energy.”

Rolando Leasi’s character, Ren McCormack, is “eccentric” and “deeply emotional.”

“He’s refreshing,” Rolando says.

He mentions that he’s excited about performing in front of everyone.

Paris Stephens is emulating Ariel Moore whom she describes as fun-loving, rebellious and flirtatious.

“I’m having fun performing and practicing,” she says. “I enjoy it.”

Aidan, Minju, Rolando, Paris and the rest of the cast will be performing, singing and dancing at the BNZ Theatre at Vodafone Events Centre from Wednesday May 19 to Saturday May 22 from 7pm to 10pm.

As Rolando says, “Enjoy the show!”