Monday, December 11, 2023

Why Montessori?

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Why Montessori? - Education for all ages feature 2017Choosing a preschool education for your child is one of the most important decisions you may make as a parent.

Being informed about your choices helps you to make good decisions for your child and their future.

You might have heard about the Montessori style of learning but you’re not quite sure how it could benefit your child.

The philosophy which takes its name from its founder Dr Maria Montessori began in 1907. Today it’s the single largest educational philosophy in the world with 22,000 schools in more than 100 countries!

So why is it so popular?

Based on a holistic approach to learning, Montessori continues to be just as relevant in 2017 with its role being to raise peaceful, self-motivated learners who can thrive in a calm respectful environment.

Encouraging independence through real life learning, opportunities to explore and create in a spontaneous and fun learning community.


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