Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Is this still our home?

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Does our pleasant little homeland still bask in the blessing of unencumbered thought, speech and association, or has it become a social-media internment camp enforced by political and commercial usurpation?

Is this the quiet neighbourly realm of the living hope that each life peaceably fulfils the promise of its potential, or are the people the unwitting field of plunder for lifeless corporate entities harnessed through the operations of our parliament, judiciary, civil, commercial and cultural elite?

Is New Zealand a perpetual inheritance preserved for our forthcoming generations, or is it a straitjacketed satrapy, a tax-collectorate for the international private banking empires supplying the script of our political theatre?

Are these God’s skies, waters, coasts, landscapes and we his creatures, or is this all just stuff to be trafficked by the ‘co-governance’ engine set to strip the affection of common brotherhood that joins together all souls born on this His land?

Are we a nation whose destiny is being stunted by the environmental, political and cultural prejudices of a media that’s lost their way, or does God’s truth so richly dwell in us that media’s fear-filled pretensions are rendered transparent and powerless? Is this land still our home?

Rees Sutcliffe
East Tamaki Heights

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