Saturday, December 9, 2023

Bah humbug!

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“War on farmers!” [Commentary by Opposition Leader Christopher Luxon, Times, April 27].

Do slogans win elections?

Boris Johnson’s “Get Brexit Done” – with the promise of £350 million a week extra for the NHS [healthcare system in England] on leaving the EU [European Union] – won him a massive majority in the House of Commons.

Despite warnings from every economist in the country, bar a one-time advisor Patrick Minford to former Tory Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and Liz Truss (remember her?), the public fell for it. The UK lost its main market and people now see it for what it was: lies.

Chief propagandist [Joseph] Goebbels first mastered “The Big Lie”. Millions died as a result. Surely we are not going to fall for that old trick again?

It is simply not true that Labour has declared war on farmers. The number of cows doubled since 1990 – when we pledged to reduce emissions.

Intensive (industrial) farming and on land unsuitable for dairying has resulted in excessive use of fertilisers and severe pollution of waterways – and of course global warming.

Farmers broke the law by not tracking their animals off farm. Result? An uncontrollable outbreak of Mycoplasma bovis. How much did the Labour Government allow for rectification? The thick end of a billion dollars.

Bah humbug, Christopher Luxon, if there is a war, it is a war on humanity by de facto climate deniers.

Dennis Horne, Howick

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