Youngsters celebrate Chinese New Year

The sound of beating drums filled the air at KiNZ Care and Early Learning Centre at Mission Heights as children, teachers, parents, families and specials guests gathered to celebrate Chinese New Year.

The children had created beautiful craft work, sang songs and participated in the dragon dance to wish everyone good luck and prosperity.  The dragon head was made with the help of the children from everyday material to showcase the centre’s sustainable practices.

Staff from the Auckland Kindergarten Association Executive Leadership team joined in the celebration.

The Chinese Community Group from Highland Park enchanted everyone with their bright traditional and colourful outfits and synchronised dancing movements. Children and families were tempted to join in the graceful dance.

No function in an early learning centre is complete without food and everyone enjoyed an array of tasty treats which showcased the diversity of Tamaki Makaurau, Auckland.

“At KiNZ Mission Heights every child’s culture and identity is celebrated which promotes

Children’s self-esteem and sets them up for a journey of lifelong learning on a positive note,” says centre manager Sangeeta Lal.

Four-year-old Athaleyah Vaipulu summed the day by claiming that she really enjoyed watching the graceful dance movements while four year old Xuanpai Hong said he loved the food. Young Yaj Maharaj was inspired by the dragon dance and went home and made his own dragon head with the help of his family.