Monday, December 11, 2023

Nicolas forfeits race for schoolmate

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Nic Webster and David Ellery. Times photo Wayne Martin

It’s made him something of a local celebrity — but 12-year-old Nicolas Webster didn’t think twice about stopping mid-race to help his friend who was in trouble.

The year 7 Somerville Intermediate student was racing in the school cross country event when he noticed his friend, Caleb Wheal, wasn’t running up the front of the pack where he should be.

“I was running up the hill and I saw Caleb, but then I thought that can’t be Caleb. I sprinted up to him and he was crying so I started walking with him for the rest of the way and he kept coughing and crying.”

A post on the local community Facebook group brought Nic’s noble actions to light where a number of comments were left by people impressed by his good sportsmanship.

Somerville Intermediate Principal David Ellery said Nic had been training for cross country and wanted to do well which made his actions even more impressive.

“I didn’t mind because I was helping someone so I didn’t really mind stopping,” said Nic.

Mr Ellery said he was very proud of Nic’s actions.

“We talk a lot about this sort of stuff – the Somerville attitude, helping others and service…we talk a lot about helping others at school so this is a real life example of what it is we talk about.”

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