Monday, July 15, 2024

HRRA: Thanks Howick!

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The HRRA is inviting all Howickians to picnic on Stockade Hill on Auckland Anniversary Day (Monday).

This week’s appeal has reached $30,000! Thank you Howick!

We still need more donations as the fight is still ongoing and we must win! Please send donations through (key word “Stockade”) or straight to our bank account ASB Highland Park 12-3089-0123712-02 (Name and email please for receipts). (If you don’t have a receipt you probably did not put your name on the deposit).

Howick Ratepayers and Residents Association (HRRA) members are waiting on tenterhooks for the High Court judgment on our case, hopefully out later this week.

Will Justice Christian Whata decide for us that the area previously Single Housing along Mellons Bay Road and beyond should not have been redesignated as a mixed apartment building (MHU) zone in the face of the fact that not one submission asking for this change was received by the council before the Independent Hearings Panel, or will the council, Housing Corporation and the Ministry of the Environment against us, push the case of general submissions by Todd Corporation and Fletcher Building and other developers as justification to rezone Howick?

“Those also serve who stand and wait” AND DONATE!

Gayleen Mackereth is the chair of the Howick Ratepayers and Residents Association

By: Gayleen Mackereth

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