Monday, July 15, 2024

Flooding hits east Auckland

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Intense downpours have hit across the city this afternoon, in what forecasters are calling an “unstable set up”. says some of the downpours are intense and slow moving with only a light WNW breeze in place.

The rain has caused flooding around east Auckland and may cause traffic chaos, with the chance of flights from Auckland Airport being affected.

As of just before 4:30pm, WeatherWatch has forecast intense downpours with isolated thunder, hail and potential for localised flash/surface flooding moving in now from the west.

However, the worst of the rain is isolated with plenty of large areas and ‘normal downpours’ in the mix too.

WeatherWatch says the downpours may increase further or weaken without warning, but are expected to increase this afternoon.

WeatherWatch says there is a risk of flooding, cloud to ground thunder, near zero visibility and hail.

Conditions are expected to ease tonight.

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