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A peek into the inside world

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Former Botany Downs Secondary College student Sonna Narayanan has been selected as a student blogger at the University of Auckland as part of an initiative to support students transitioning from high school to university.

INSIDE STORY: Sonna Narayanan will be blogging about navigating life at the University of Auckland. Photo supplied

Sonna, who is studying Biomedical Sciences, is one of 10 first-year students chosen to share their experiences, good times, struggles and achievements as they navigate university life in New Zealand’s biggest city.

She will contribute fortnightly posts to the ‘Inside Word’, a blog written by first-year students for other first-year students, or anyone else thinking about studying at the University of Auckland.

“I’d like to blog about anything I would have personally been interested in or wanted to know about when I was in high school, but most importantly, from the student perspective,” says 18 year old Sonna.

She says her first week of university has been challenging but hopes that by sharing her experiences it will make the change just a little easier for others.

“I love the idea that other students might read my blog posts and get something useful from them. I enjoy sharing my experiences and creating my own content, so I think it is going to be an enjoyable outlet during what will no doubt be a stressful but rewarding year.”

Her introductory post says: “I will be inhabiting O’Rorke Hall of Residence for the duration of my year, but will most likely be crawling back to my humble abode every now and then (to remind my dog I’m still alive).

“You will probably find me awkwardly running to my lectures (even though I’ll be living five mins away), making bad puns, sweating the stress out at the gym, and doing lots of regular studying (read: procrastinating).

“I am genuinely excited for this year; to meet some rad human beings, learn and experience the unknown, and of course to be part of the Inside Word!”

Inside Word bloggers are paid for each fortnightly post and are chosen based on a piece of writing which demonstrates enthusiasm, creativity and the ability to connect with readers.

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