Friday, July 19, 2024

Donations still coming in for appeal

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A picnic is planned on Stockade Hill to Celebrate Auckland Anniversary Day and bring appeal supporters together to enjoy the views. Photo Nick Krause
It’s a New Year but the battle to protect Stockade Hill’s iconic views continues.
We are extremely grateful for the generous support shown by many individuals and organisations in assisting the Howick Ratepayers and Residents Association (HRRA) to appeal against the loss of Howick’s iconic Stockade Hill Views. Isn’t the community spirit in this area fantastic?
The latest example of this is the collection of over $520 in donations by the Howick Village Butchers. This is what makes living here so special. It is the great and generous people who live here, and the wonderful places surrounding us, like our inimitable views of the Hauraki Gulf from Stockade Hill and Crawford Reserve. We believe fervently that the preservation of these views is worth fighting for now and for future generations.
The latest donations bring our total this week to $24,890 meaning we still need to raise a further $7000 to pay our current legal costs. This is more than first estimated for this early stage before we are able to advance to the Environment Court, the High Court judge’s decision as to whether the Independent Hearings Panel made a fair call on rezoning 69 homes opposite Stockade Hill to intensive mixed apartments, potentially blocking our magnificent views, will be made public in early February.
If everyone of the 6000-plus people who have signed our petition gave a little to us we would easily cover our bills, so if you have not yet donated, but believe our fight to save those precious views is worth it, please give generously to our account number 12-3089-0123712-02 or through keyword “Stockade Hill”.
Don’t forget our Summer Photo Competition. Send your entries “The View from Stockade Hill” to Howick RRA, PO BOX 38-370 Howick. Photos must be prints with your name and phone number and address on the back, and age if under 14 years. Entries close February 10.
We also intend to hold a picnic on Stockade Hill and encourage all our supporters to join us.
Picnic on Stockade Hill, Howick
A unique way to Celebrate Auckland Anniversary Day
Enjoy the Iconic 360 degree views of Auckland, the Waitemata Harbour
And Gulf Islands while you still can.
Bring your picnic and the family.
From 3pm, Monday January 30
  • Robert McCallum is the HRRATreasurer 

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