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Theatre Review: An enchanting evening

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TALENT: Tiger Lily (Mikayla Scott) and Peter Pan (Matthew Turner). Photo supplied.

The Gala Night performance of Peter Pan at The Harlequin Musical Theatre was exciting, upbeat and a whole lot of fun.

You couldn’t help but get up out of your seat and join in the fun and be swept up by the make believe.

The singing was out of this world from Matthew Turner and Amelia Elliot – who play Peter Pan and Wendy respectively – these teenagers have the talent to take you on a magical journey and have the audience completely engaged as they tell the story through strong acting and singing.

Matthew and Amelia clearly have a genuine friendship off-stage which shines through and gives them the confidence to trust one another on stage as they build the chemistry and rapport needed for their characters.

Matthew’s twinkling eyes and very special captivating voice have an ability to stir up emotion and excitement in an audience – he has a tone that is very special indeed – and you simply cannot refuse him when he asks you get up and join in “You Gotta Believe” at the end of Act II.

Of course the show wouldn’t be what it is without Captain James Hook who is brought to life by Nick Lloyd.

Nick’s comedic timing is right on point as he brings this larger-than-life satirical character to life.

Which is in complete contrast is the delicate, but sometimes fiery, Tinker Bell played by Lucy Maher (Tick Cast).

Lucy is clearly a natural on stage as she flies and flutters around sprinkling her fairy dust.

The main characters are well supported by a strong and experienced ensemble of Lost Boys, Indians, Pirates and ‘Darling’ Children whose singing acting and dancing will have you leaving the theatre believing in the magic of theatre and with a big grin on your face.

Peter Pan is brought to you by the highly qualified and award-winning team of Ami Coster, director Susanne Dell Choreographer, Lynnette Leggett, Vocal Director and Oliver Gilmour Musical Director.

If you haven’t yet got your tickets to Peter Pan don’t delay, you won’t be disappointed.

By Sarah Ellis


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