Monday, July 15, 2024

Review: Captain Festus McBoyle for adults and children alike

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Captain Festus McBoyle and his motley crew. Photo supplied

“Kind of interesting, kind of not.”

If I’d let my eight year old sister write this review of the Captain Festus McBoyle Travellin’ Variety Show, it would probably end there. Kids are a little too honest sometimes.

To be fair, she’s never hugely been into pirates and if I’d been paying any attention whatsoever, I shouldn’t have been so surprised to discover she wasn’t all that impressed with my choice of Sunday activity at Uxbridge Arts & Culture Centre.

I however, happened to quite enjoy the show. Old enough to understand the subtle adult jokes and yet still in touch enough with my inner child to enjoy the songs about life onboard a pirate ship — and even the odd tune about picking your nose.

Some of the costumed cast out front greeted us and we were gifted some special treasure before we headed inside and claimed a great floor spot front of stage. We were treated to pirate jokes for adults and children alike, interactive songs and encouraged to get up and move around to songs.

As I glanced around at the laughter and enjoyment on the younger children’s faces, it was enough to make me reminisce of my carefree childhood years.

As the show wound to a close, the Captain invited children to huddle in close to the stage and hear some tips of wisdom.

Be nice to your parents “because they pay the bills”, be nice to your siblings and look after your grandparents because “they won’t be around forever.”

Silly songs about nose picking aside — you can’t argue with some good old wisdom like that.

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