Review: Captain Festus McBoyle for adults and children alike

Captain Festus McBoyle and his motley crew. Photo supplied

“Kind of interesting, kind of not.”

If I’d let my eight year old sister write this review of the Captain Festus McBoyle Travellin’ Variety Show, it would probably end there. Kids are a little too honest sometimes.

To be fair, she’s never hugely been into pirates and if I’d been paying any attention whatsoever, I shouldn’t have been so surprised to discover she wasn’t all that impressed with my choice of Sunday activity at Uxbridge Arts & Culture Centre.

I however, happened to quite enjoy the show. Old enough to understand the subtle adult jokes and yet still in touch enough with my inner child to enjoy the songs about life onboard a pirate ship — and even the odd tune about picking your nose.

Some of the costumed cast out front greeted us and we were gifted some special treasure before we headed inside and claimed a great floor spot front of stage. We were treated to pirate jokes for adults and children alike, interactive songs and encouraged to get up and move around to songs.

As I glanced around at the laughter and enjoyment on the younger children’s faces, it was enough to make me reminisce of my carefree childhood years.

As the show wound to a close, the Captain invited children to huddle in close to the stage and hear some tips of wisdom.

Be nice to your parents “because they pay the bills”, be nice to your siblings and look after your grandparents because “they won’t be around forever.”

Silly songs about nose picking aside — you can’t argue with some good old wisdom like that.


  1. Firstly I’d like to say what a great shame it is to have such a poorly written and misleading review associated with this act. The tag line “Kind of interesting, kind of not” as the first line you read seems very harsh and damning and then became more confusing as I read on, the writing seemed rather contradictory as the author then describes some moments of positivity (embedded further on in the review) though if I was just going by the tag line, I would take it as a ‘bad review’ Im not sure if the reviewer in fact likes and recommends the show or not? or if perhaps the reviewer herself is a novice writer not yet qualified for the position and power she has. I personally know what impact a ‘bad review’ can have on an act and I feel this is really sad to see this article be in the public arena. Myself my husband and children’s experience of the show was no short of a laugh a minute, we found it to be a very clever well constructed show that really had something for every one in it, we where all utterly entertained, in fact my kids pleaded with us to purchase a CD at the end of the show-“Ships n Giggles” in which has been utterly thrashed by them ever since and I can quite honestly say- being a family that can now sing along word by word, I have and I will in the future highly recommend Captain Festus Mcboyle’s Travellin’ Variety show as a bucket list must see.

  2. Hey there Kelly.
    A quick word of advice. Don’t let an 8 year old do your work for you. And also if she’s not into pirates why would you take her? Promise of a free ticket?

    I took my 2 boys 9 and 10 along to the show at the Uxbridge theatre for the show.
    We had an absolute ball. We found the shownto be fast paced , interesting and full of variety.
    The characters in the show were fantastic. The energy from each of them was great. From the rat with a cat in a bin to Captain Festus’s wife with bad teeth and awesome makeup.
    The songs were well thought up and performed with gusto.
    There were enough “adult” double entendres jokes to keep me smiling and giggling too. I’ve a slightly smutty mind as does the Captain I feel.

    The show at an hour long went very quickly and before we knew it the boys were “high fiveing” the performers at the end.

    If you want a great show and something to enjoy and sing along to then I’d highly recommend attending one of the shows if it’s in your area.

    Would certainly go again.

  3. I’m confused about this review and I think the writer is too?! If you didn’t really enjoy it, speak to that. If you did like it, which is kind’ve what I got from your review in a round about way, then at least title it accordingly. Very weird and confusing read sorry. I was there with my children and don’t think we were at the same show?? I thought it had a cool family vibe where young and old could equally enjoy the entertainment. It was a well polished production, catchy tunes and really amazing costuming I thought. A lot of effort is obviously put in to their show which I appreciate having suffered through so many lame ass shows with my kids over the years. It was refreshing to see a crew who obviously love what they do, so here’s a big high five to this production, keep going!! I hope to see them again sometime 👍🏾

  4. I agree totally with comments about the article above, confusing review and pretty poorly written. I took my mother, two daughters and son and we all had an absolute blast, really top line theatre show. It wasn’t candy floss like most kids shows I have had to endure.The show was full of catchy tunes, great interaction and humour that reached all ages, entertainment for the whole family. Was a great way to spend a sunday, must have been good as the kids are still singing the songs. would defiantly see them again!

  5. Love ye old Captain Festus and his entourage! Quality songs, rich characters, multi-layered puns and the ability to engage the most shy adults and children. It’s not often that we can get carried away with the magic of authentic, smart storytelling, appropriate for such a wide audience. Absolutely love their ability to involve all, as they dance, prance and tease them into being part of the show. Clever, clever stuff.

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