Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Kindy with a healthy heart

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Back row left to right, Heart Foundation ambassador Adele Orangi with Mabel and Letitia Keizer, Linda Feng. Front row, Vicki Wright, head teacher Anchorage Park Kindergarten with Atenone and Eva Xuelai. Photo supplied.

Anchorage Park Kindergarten was recently awarded for the second time, the Pa-Harakeke Award, which is the highest level, from the Heart Foundation for creating an environment that promotes healthy eating and physical activity.

“Our parents have been amazing in working with us in supporting their children with healthy food,” says head teacher Vicki Wright.

“We achieved this by focusing on children developing physical fitness through the challenge of training and competing in a duathlon and other physical play experiences.”

Alongside this, children learnt how their body works and how important it is to eat healthy and nutritious food to support their learning and development.

“For our family celebrations like our disco last Friday, we promoted party food that can be fun and nutritious as well as being healthy.”

Parents, children and ambassador for Heart Foundation Adele Orangi, celebrated the award at the kindergarten by dressing up in red and bringing an array of healthy food to share for morning tea.

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