GROW is a community mental health organisation and is led by people recovering or have recovered from a mental health condition or emotional distress.

GROW provides the steps and support needed to prevent a breakdown, avoid a condition from worsening or eliminate it from being a burden.

It’s a voluntary association of people who desire to help one another to overcome a problem relating to depression, anxiety, shyness, loneliness, personal crisis, addiction and other disorders or circumstances.

Anyone from the public is invited to observe two or three meetings to see how GROW works after which you can become a member.

GROW is located in Auckland, Thames, Christchurch and Dunedin and we are looking to start groups where there are currently none.

Groups vary in size and average 5 - 9 people. Meetings are held weekly and follow a regular format, which usually begins with a quiet reflective moment followed by a group recited karakia or prayer. Friendships are formed with the common goal to get well and stay well and it’s common for members to keep in touch.

GROW is a 12 step programme and typically has some prayers and references to God in its delivery. Both religious and non-faith believing people are welcome to attend (probably half of our current members don't practice any faith based religion). There are alternative non-religious recitation options for groups to use. GROW does not have any affiliation to any church or denomination.

There are no fees or dues to attend meetings and donations are on a voluntary basis.

Membership is open ended and you are welcome to remain a lifetime member irrespective of your recovery.

In GROW we respect the privacy of individuals to ensure their safety and gain the confidence of all members in the group.

GROW offers socials to encourage and develop ongoing friendships to compliment the weekly meetings.

Office hours 10am – 4.30pm (Tuesday – Thursday)

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Contact Information
Mobile Phone: 021 049 1360
Phone: 09 846 6869
97 St Lukes Road, Sandringham, St Lukes, Auckland 1025
22 Manse Street,, Dunedin 9016
Thames Hospital 610 Mackay St, Thames 3500
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