Thursday, February 22, 2024

Spring Fishing

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Spring has sprung, the days are getting longer and the fishing is on! All through the Hauraki Gulf fishos are experiencing plentiful and well conditioned catches of Snapper, Kahawai and Kingfish.

Whether your heading out wide or staying in close there is great fishing fun to be had!

With many an angler reporting fantastic Snapper in the Motuihe Channel and just off the island, most of these fishos have reported using Jack Mackerel and Mullet to land their feed of tasty Snapper and Kahawai in this area.

Just around the corner at Parks Point more beautiful Snapper, Kahawai and even some just legal Kingys have been caught! Drift fishing around this area with those trusty slow jigs is the way to go!

The D’Urville Rocks are often over looked, but if you take the time to check out the area, you soon realise that is it the perfect hunting ground for fat Snapper and killer Kingfish. Berley up the area, nice and close to the rocks and stray line some big baits in to the berley trail, then watch the magic happen!

If you keep heading out in to the gulf, you with be met up huge and hungry work ups! This is when you need to start working those trusty slow jigs or maybe just dropping some big baits to the bottom!

In recent weeks a green coloured jig has been landing the most fish, so it might be time to add a new jig to your tackle hoard.

Those of you who are fishing around the bottom end .. well aren’t you doing well! This seems to be Kingy central right now, and the way to land them?…
Towing lures! Halco and Rapala lures are what you want, new colours are on the market now, so get in an get yours before they go!

More good weather is on its way, so its time for us fishos to play!

Top Baits : Mullet , Mackerel and Pilchard

Until next week , Tight Lines

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