Thursday, February 22, 2024

Slow jigs and soft baits

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The fishing this week has matched the weather, HOT! All week long we have experienced brilliant sunshine and awesome fishing.

Big Snapper have been caught by young and old all over the place, but there do seem to be some spots that are certainly standing out from the rest.  Tiritiri is providing us with 20lb after 20lb right now, how exciting! The Noises are full of great Snapper, Kingfish and Gurnard for us to enjoy.  Areas like Home Bay are still proving productive for most species, and with this spot being a bit closer in, if offers a nice easy place to take the whole family.

The bottom end of Waiheke, the Firth and further again around the Happy Jacks, there are even more impressive fish to be caught. Snapper in excess of 25lb and King fish up to 20kg have been landed over there! So if the boat will allow, it might be time to head out and get amongst the action?!

Slow jigs and soft baits are still a great way to go when it comes to landing Snapper, Kingy’s and of course Kahawai. Those Kahawai, by the way, are also huge and are absolutely stunning when you smoke them up! Big baits or big lures are needed to bring in one of those big Snapper’s.  Trust us, they put up a good fight, so be ready with some heavier trace line.

We have noticed a rise in people using bait, the most popular of which has been, Jack Mackerel, Pilchards and Mullet. It would also seem that 9 out of 10 anglers are also taking berley out with them to assist in bringing those big Snapper their way.

So don’t miss out everyone! Its time to get out and enjoy this sunshine and brilliant fishing!

Until next week, Tight Lines

The team here at The Big Fish do suggest that instead of taking your limit of these big snapper, you instead take one and put the rest back

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