Thursday, April 25, 2024

Gurnard Galore, Squid Fishing

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This week has seen yet more wild weather for us Aucklanders! Hot sun, wicked wind and random hail storms have made it hard work for us fishos to get out there and do what we do best.

Those of us with big enough boats, that can brave this wind, have been enjoying the fantastic work ups in the Firth. What a display they are! Birds working, Kahawai jumping and Snapper feeding, its really a fantastic thing to see, and even better to fish!

Slow jigs and soft baits on the drift are where you’re going to land those top notch Snapper. The Kingfish and Kahawai like them too, so you never quite know what you’re going to get!

Lots of anglers also reporting large catches of Gurnard, which as we know are many a Kiwis favourite eating fish. These have been landed with the use of some of Savage gears products, which the staff at Big Fish would be more than happy to point out to you in store. They are also taking certain colours of Black Magics pre made rigs, and , yet again slow jigs have had a hand in landing these beautiful fish as well!

Quite a few anglers are turning to floundering and squid fishing to fill the void whilst this weather of ours throws a mood week after week. Although this is not on the top of everybody’s list of fish to land, man is it fun when you get into it! Get out there
with your waders and spear and get cracking, because they’re a great dish for the dinner table and the kids will have a heap of fun hunting for them. The squid fishing is still hot right now, and they seem to be getting bigger by the day! Areas like Eastern
Beach, Cockle Bay and Mellons Bay have all been great spots for landing Squid.

Top Baits : Pilchard, Mullet and Anchovies

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