Thursday, February 22, 2024

Fishing Report

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This week has seen quite a lot of wind for us Aucklanders!

That didn’t stop a few of us getting out in the week and catching some impressive Snapper!

The weekend however was where this week really shone through, with 5 knot variable on Saturday morning every man and his dog hit the water to make the most of the first nice Saturday we have had in a LONG time.

Most of us fishos headed out wide, with the majority of big snapper landed in the Firth of Thames. Slow jigs and soft baits seemed to be the favored tactic to landing these wicked fish, but plenty of people still had a trusty berley to bring those big Snapper and Kingfish in to the strike zone!

Spots close in like Motuihe Island Seargants channel and Parks point have all been holding nice pannie size snapper and of course plenty of Kahawai for the dinner table.

With lots of new and exciting fishing gear on the market it’s time to go and talk to the lovely (and fishing mad) staff down at The Big Fish bait and tackle co, to see what you need for your tackle box!

One of Big Fish’s very own staff members is off to White Island this week, so stay tuned for some exciting fishing news next week.

Until next week, Big Fish team

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