Howick College sportspeople keeping busy

Sarah Spargo is heading to Phoenix this month.

Girls Football: Early last term the 1st XI girls football team had a play-off game against Diocesan (an Auckland premier team) for a place in the Lotto National Championships. This is for the top 32 teams in the country. Howick won this game, 3-1, thus qualifying for the first time in 30 years. The girls played some excellent football, and for the year 13s, this is the result of four years of hard work and commitment to Howick College. The tournament takes place during week 7 of term 3.

Girls Rugby: Four Howick girls have been selected for the Auckland U15 Girls’ Rugby team – Dayna Moon, Abby Lockhart, Paige Makiri and Kylah Oliver. They will be competing in the Northern Region Tournament today.

Champion Weightlifter: Avery Fesolai continues to win titles in weightlifting . He recently brought three medals home from the Oceania Olympic Weightlifting competition in Noumea — Gold U55kg Youth / Silver U56kh Junior / Silver U56kg Senior. Avery was named our Junior Sportsperson of the Year in 2017.

NZ Aerobics representative: Sarah Spargo  is once again heading off to Phoenix this month as part of the New Zealand team competing in the ANAC international aerobics competition. She has represented NZ for several years. In 2017 she placed 9th in a field of 48 competitors.