Thursday, June 13, 2024

Push, push

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Helen Perry, South editor.

What an exciting time it was in the lead up to Christmas as we launched the new SOUTH. The excitement has continued with the team receiving such warm feedback from many quarters. Now that the second issue is out, we are all looking forward to a year which sees the magazine grow.

Although it has been all go since the break, while on holiday I wanted to take to task the number of lazy shoppers who left trolleys all around supermarket car parks, often only a few feet from a trolley stand.

Honestly, it’s no wonder New Zealand has obesity problems when people can’t even find the energy to put trolleys back where they belong thus avoiding the kind of nasty damage that can occur when gradient, a by-passer’s accidental knock or even the wind can send a trolley crashing into a car, marking the paintwork. I’m sure the culprits would be most annoyed if it were their vehicle on the receiving end.

Trolleys and lazy shoppers aside, the likelihood of a New World supermarket coming to Pukekohe has put me in an amiable mood. At present I travel to the Papakura New World which I love but one a little closer to home will be welcome.

On the other hand, I am a bit sad that the Counties Inn will go to make way for the new store. I’ve had a couple of meals at this low key hotel in the company of long haul truckies who frequently stay their overnight. Both our hearty meals and the generous company have been a surprise and I’m sorry it took me a year to discover this congenial venue which must have been lovely in its hey-day. Nevertheless I’m looking forward to a…New World and the ongoing year. I hope you are too!

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