Friday, April 26, 2024

Powerhoopers push the limits fundraising for breast cancer, Pink Ribbon Brunch, anyone?

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Powerhoopers push the limits fundraising for breast cancer

Wow! A local powerhooping group raised nearly $3000 for breast cancer on Saturday, May 27, outside the bar at the Good Home at a twelve-hour Powerhoopathon. Event organiser and founder Amy McAuley was thrilled with how the day went and the money raised.

The passionate powerhooper brought the exercise from Scotland to New Zealand around four years ago, and has seen it go from strength to strength as Kiwis get on board with the hooping phenomenon.

“I’m absolutely stoked with how it worked. The Good Home kindly allowed us to hoop in their “back garden” all day and kept us fed and watered ALL day. Everyone has been so generous and we had heaps of people come and support us, hold buckets and let others try Powerhooping.

“Howick Powerhoopers have raised over $7,000 for Breast Cancer in May alone from Pink Ribbon Breakfasts, make up parties, online auctions and more… [we’ve] raised nearly $12,000 with Powerhoopers all over.” Go team!


Bonjour, Beatrice! 

Look what’s arrived on the Helloworld desk of Shelley – its Beatrice the beetroot, home grown and causing a stir.

So much so that Karen from Avenrose Florist dressed her up for her debut appearance.



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