Why weren’t we testing at the airport sooner?

Covid-19 has flattened many countries of the World and practically wiped out many Economies.

How did Covid-19 suddenly make an entry is anyone’s speculation and we will not know the true facts of its birth.

Many theories have been put forth and, logically, every one is not impossible but let’s not argue over it.

Initially we were only too glad that it happened in China and no-one in their right mind thought that the victims would be from all major countries in a span of three months.

Coming to our New Zealand shores we took things quite lightly even when we knew Australia, too, was in its grip and we fiddled whilst it was raging everywhere.

We were about four weeks too late to put the measures in place. I was alarmed that those who had returned from Australia on or after March 1 were not checked by authorities at the airport and allowed to go their way.

Will someone please explain this?

Zarir Mistry