Why is Aussie vax pass not good enough?

My daughter was visiting me from Australia for the first time in two-and-a-half years. She had passed all the PCR tests and had an international vaccination certificate which had on it the three vaccination tests and her passport number.

She also had confirmation on March 31 from New Zealand Laboratories that her PCR test for her return to Australia was negative.

On April 1, I decided to have a celebration dinner at Denny’s restaurant in Highland Park for my daughter and invited my son and his partner over from Takanini.

We drove to Denny’s restaurant and waited outside for my son to arrive. After a while standing outside, we decided to go into the restaurant and wait there. When we went inside, we were asked for our vaccination certificates, which we presented to the waiter. He scanned my certificate and, when he saw my daughter’s international certificate from Australia on her phone, he said that we would have to leave, as people from Australia were not allowed in the restaurant.

I tried to explain to him that the New Zealand Government had let my daughter into the country, with her credentials no problem. He then went to seek advice from the manager and she also refused us entry.

I phoned my son to get fish and chips at Botany on his way over from Takanini. and we had them at my home in Pakuranga. A very disappointing evening. I know that we all have to be careful with the Covid problem but this was over the top.

Les Featherstone