Wednesday, April 24, 2024

What’s the issue with Countdown/Woolworths cards?

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Late January I was given one of the new Countdown/Woolworths cards to begin using in February.

At that time they were giving out the cards out willy nilly and there was no suggestion of surrendering the old Onecard to swap details onto the new card. I’ve been endeavouring to register the new card since February 2 when scanning the new one didn’t register.

Since that date I have tried registering in-store – not possible, calling their call-line and even rang Woolworths head office, immediately being transferred to their Everyday extension and getting nowhere. This extension specifically states that it is not possible to register your card on the phone.

I’ve tried downloading the app from their website – I’m not computer literate regarding apps and was therefore unsuccessful.

Today I visited their store at Highland Park and discussed the problem with their help desk. I was told that a lot of customers are complaining and some are even becoming abusive to staff because they are frustrated at the balls up with the introduction of the new card.

At present, my husband is in Kerikeri working on maintenance of our bach and he has been able to register and swap to the new card from his old Onecard (how, I’m not sure). Because we share an email for business purposes, I am unable to register mine to the same email. I can understand the reason for this. Woolworths are frantically closing loopholes after being scammed by multiple people abusing the points system.

In order to register my card, the only way I can see possible is to use my son’s email, using our home address and landline phone (this is different from husband’s). Son is agreeable to this and he lives with us. I’ve tried to do this today and nowhere.

I am extremely peed off about the whole fiasco as I have been a loyal customer of the supermarket chain dating back to the first Foodtown in Great South Road, Otahuhu.

Noeline Larkin

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