Friday, February 23, 2024

What’s the alternative to plastic?

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I’m only now beginning to realise how much dependence we have on oil and coal.

All plastics have their base chemicals from oil or coal or both. A visit to a plant centre was an eye opener.

Coloured pots were plastic, all the plant composts were in plastic bags, all the shiny containers and bottles were plastic, the spray guns the ornaments lining the shelves were all plastic.

Then we drove home in this plastic car! The dashboard in the car was plastic so is all the seat upholstery, steering wheel and control buttons. The bitumen road surface we’re now driving on was made from oil bi-products as are the rubbish bins we pass along the way home.

Even the insulation covering the overhead power cables. Then there were our ever-present red plastic road cones!

What is being planned to replace this ubiquitous material? Do the Greens really have a solution that they have not told us about?

Perhaps it’s hot air or bull’s wool.

Ian George

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