What a fantastic taxi driver

Our Blue Bubble Taxi driver is better than gold.

Because of constant lockdowns, I became a voluntary journalist and notice all too often people slip through each day without being mentioned in a complimentary way – men in particular.

What better way to start than with our own Blue Bubble Taxi drivers in their immaculate one-of-a-kind uniform.

One in particular is not just a driver but a bodyguard as well.

Rising daily at 4am to any and all places, he excels at what he does and drives in an excellent manner at taking one shopping after he’s opened doors for you. He uses his umbrella when necessary – follows you close by in a caring manner – never embarrasses, is most respectful to all and one doesn’t have to wonder where he is at all times as he’s always near, ready to help without being asked.

He is well-informed and his diction is excellent.

During long distances he’s responsive to interesting language and is easy with humour and laughter.

He is a gentleman with motorway traffic, not a risk-taker. He is extremely well-mannered and focused. He is also chef and recently had his own restaurant.

Davinda Gill is his name.

Bev Foley, Howick