We must support local business

I believe.
I believe in hope, I believe in the power of community spirit, and because of that I believe in revival.
I believe in you.

The support we give to our community at this time will resonate forever more if we all rise again together. Our children rely on us to preserve and strengthen all we love about life in Howick and Pakuranga and it’s going to require us all to buy into this belief.

We are very lucky in east Auckland that we have everything we need, available to us right on our doorsteps. Supporting local business and not-for-profit organisations at every opportunity will enable these companies to support us in return.

Howick and Pakuranga has always been somewhat of a perpetual motion machine when it comes to support going full circle. Consider the many businesses that have become iconic for their longevity, especially on and around Picton Street.

The same applies to our extremely successful sports clubs and charities that have been allowed to aim high and believe in greatness, thanks to the constant, staunch support and sponsorship from these pillars of our community.

The Howick Hornets are just one of many such clubs that seriously would not be where it is today without these local businesses. Being current 1st division champions is no small feat and, with a support base that rivals even the biggest clubs, it isn’t something that was achieved overnight. That said, if we as a community don’t choose to support local at a time such as this, then it most certainly can all be lost in that minute time frame. I for one can’t imagine our home without places such as our awesome array of bars and restaurants, bakeries, butchers and dairies.

Our local trades and service industry is not to be overlooked. It is not only a one-stop shop for anything you require at any time, but also boasts some of the most experienced, skilful men and women this country has to offer in their fields bar none.

I personally met many of these business owners this year and I’ll tell you now, the pleasure was all mine. I thought that I was passionate about our community, but these amazing people had me in awe when they spoke about their love for our town and their willingness to support it financially where they were able to.

People such as Mike Johnson from Howick Tyres And Alignments, Frith Jenkins at Howick Village Optometrists, Marie Raos of Ray White Eastern and the superstars that run our local radio station East FM, led by Mike Rowse, to name just a few. Nick Krause and the team at The Times are a fantastic bunch also. They are always willing to help promote all that is good about our town, in a nut shell they (along with East FM), support our supporters with gusto.

Since this pandemic took hold we have sadly lost a number of our long-standing local businesses, Picton streets iconic Spillers Hardware store possibly being most notable of all. It is up to you and I to ensure that now is where the capitulation ends, and the resurgence begins.

Play your role and do your part.
East Auckland unite.
I believe, do you?

Josh Garry, Howick