We did this to the Earth

In reply to Ian George (Times, December 8), “Climate change religion”, blind faith can be terribly misguided and inaccurate.

He disclaims climate change as man-made and places it squarely on the sun. No mention of man’s abuse and misuse of the earth’s bounty and environment, the disrespect of man in polluting the atmosphere we breathe, the soils we plant in, the seas where much of the order of nature’s stability originates from.

“God flooded the earth 4200 years ago so that we may live on this beautiful earth” … figures are totally imaginary!

Yes, the Bible says there was a “great flood”, and if scientists, archeologists can say it was 4200 years ago, which they haven’t, when and where it would most likely have occurred, would be the region of the Middle East.

Aborigines of Australia have inhabited that Continent for at least 65,000 years and (were) originally from Africa, where humanoid remains have been dated at 150,000 years.

A very simplistic and erroneous statement, in other words, excusing man from any responsibility to care and respond to “God’s gift”, Earth.

David Bell-Booth, Howick