Saturday, May 25, 2024

Vax discrimination

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As for the vaccinations, I am not a “no vax, no job” person.

I disagree with this policy and manipulation. I would not ask anyone if they have been vaccinated. That is encroaching on their personal privacy.

Another reason for not asking is that if I found out someone had not been vaccinated, I would not want to be tempted to discriminate [against] them.

I do believe a person ought to be able to make their own choice and that they should not be marginalised, manipulated or treated differently for the choice they have made.

Please remember, if we have been doubly vaccinated, they tell us that we ought to be reasonably safe.

So why be fearful? Otherwise, we are undermining the ability of the vaccine to keep us safe.

People feel bad enough about the changes going on in the world without me adding to their fears.

I don’t want to make people feel like a leper around me. I understand people’s need to feel safe, be responsible and exercise added caution.

But is discriminating based on a person’s vaccination status part of ‘being kind’ and ‘uniting together’?

Nigel Keyes
East Tamaki Heights

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