Toothless tigers

I’m referring, of course, to the United Nations peace keeping force and NATO.

NATO and the Americans, by providing the Ukranians with weaponry, are only prolonging their misery and how pathetic is that?

The Americans whom we could always count on for policing the world’s trouble spots are only noticeable by their absence allowing the rows and rows of convoys of tanks, described as sitting ducks by a military strategist, allowed to inflict their misery and destruction on Ukranian citizens virtually at will.

The Americans and NATO should be ashamed. America trumpets black lives matter, how about millions of Ukranians including women and children.

They don’t.

The West’s response, including sanctions, are truly pathetic, even more so when the Russians own the Ukraine and all the wealth that goes with that.

Roll on communism which is now bound to dominate the world scene for the rest of the century. Western nations will have only themselves to blame.

Gary Hollis
Mellons Bay