There will be a reckoning for the passing of this Abortion Bill

A deep darkness can be felt emerging within our beautiful country of NZ.

It is not the Covid19 pandemic that is causing the darkness but the Abortion Bill that
was passed through Parliament under urgency when all public attention was on
the spread of the virus.

Jacinda Ardern’s government rushed through the Abortion Bill which allows abortions up to almost full term. All left-wing Greens block-voted for the bill.

We should be protecting the life of our youngest people, not murdering them.

It is a shame on all our politicians who voted in favour of this Bill and a shame on our country that has allowed this to overtake us.

This Bill does not reflect the will of New Zealanders. Only 2 per cent of NZ women supported abortion on demand.

If women do not want to get pregnant, there are many contraceptives readily available. Why are they not being used?

There will be a price to pay for this recklessness, a reckoning.

We cannot poke our fingers in the eye of God and not suffer the consequences. Our Godless leaders will suffer and so will we, the voters, for we voted them into power.

Meanwhile I pray for repentance, for a change of heart and for forgiveness for our nation.

Ian George