There are no excuses

Does the team of five million include those recalling Jesus’ words – ‘greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his friends’.

[Do they] who wonder how Kiwis became those happy to watch their brothers and sisters be thrown to the wolves; their representatives making all who disagree with their dictatorial abuses worthy of losing their livelihoods?

If Jesus had never said it, perhaps we could be excused; but He did: we are without excuse.

Our government doesn’t own our lives; the God who made us does. If we continue to surrender to the godless now, not only will we remove ourselves from the blessings of our God, we will expose ourselves to the fury of theirs.

Those of our fathers who survived war, because their brothers in that ultimate sense lived out Jesus’ words, must now be looking upon us with shame.

How do we go about our lives pretending to see nothing, allowing the people of our nation to become so despised by our government that they are stripped of their jobs? Revolting.

Our fathers acquitted themselves with honour. Today, it seems, the men of our nation are happy to condemn it and themselves unto tyranny.

Rees Sutliffe
East Tamaki Heights