The rubbishing of the inorganic pick-up

I am writing with consternation on behalf of a very large group of upset people regarding Auckland Council’s rubbishing of the inorganic pick-up.

As soon it was announced, tidy kiwis diligently booked in and saved their reference numbers on their calendars.

Then later we hear that the collections are “on hold.”

As I am selling my home and moving, I decided to hire a flexi-bin. They aren’t horribly expensive but it became awkward when the pick-up was delayed and my realtor had already organised an open home.

I considered the flexi-bin perched taking up so much space by my front garden was not a very good feature.

Now my neighbour, who is also selling, has had an even larger flexi-bin pick-up already but now he says he has more stuff that he thought was for the inorganic pick-up.

It’s causing quite an expense getting these private bin pick-ups and the inorganics is a portion of the cost of our rates.

Another neighbour is so angry that he said he’s just leaving his stuff out on the verge as a protest and suggested that I start a protest petition on the issue. I see several more piles left out further along the street.

The excuse council offers is that it is “on hold due to staff restraints”.

Really? Is it actually all that different to the normal weekly collection for rubbish and recycling?

I think we really deserve a better excuse than that from council.

Colleen Wright
Neighbourhood Watch
Co-Ordinator, Gosford Drive area