Monday, April 22, 2024

The difference between us

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‘Telling fact from fiction’ (Times, October 26) is entitled.

Why he writes about something he does not believe seems odd. It is not original either. If I wrote something silly about his father, he would be annoyed. I have never met his father. I would not know what I was talking about, so why should I write?

I know God, who is much more important and real than his father to me, and many others do as well. Why does he feel the compulsion to try to discredit our relationship? He will find out eventually, as everyone will, but unless he sorts himself out, it will be to his shame and regret.

We do talk about it, in the hope that people, or some of them, will take the trouble to find the truth. If they do not have the truth in them, they are a danger to themselves and those around them. That makes me sad. That is the difference between us. God teaches us to love one another.

Harvey Rosieur

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