Re-thinking lawns

Many thanks Het Conroy for your community garden proposal (Times Feedback, July 11).

Bringing that concept to our front/backyards creates another opportunity. Let’s talk lawns.

Yes, they are traditional, beautiful and a great kid’s space. However, when lawns become mainly decorative or a mowing chore, why not consider replacing them with:

• fruits and veges to reduce reliance on ever-increasing costly and chemically-sprayed goods
• greater carbon sequestering/bird enticing plants
• landscapes that reduce waste – using compost to reduce food waste; grey water, rain capture to reduce water waste
• Income and food generating jobs for gardeners to support non-gardeners.

Pre-Covid, emphasis was often on self-sufficiency. Het’s community garden proposal, alongside a lawn-replacement strategy, fosters a healthier way forward through shared sufficiency.

This a re-think of how to blend past traditions with ways forward that catalyse more efficient and regenerative behaviours and mindsets.

The time has come to put nature’s restoration and our children’s future front of mind. Let’s consider strategies to work better as a community. It’ll be a fun, challenging, fruitful endeavour.

Yoshimi Brett
Waipaparoa/Howick Beach