Praise for Anzac Light & Sound tribute

The Anzac Light & Sound tribute at Fencible Walk. Photo Nick Krause

Congratulations to all those who created and organised the Anzac Light & Sound tribute at Howick’s Fencible Walk Park in Picton Street last week.

My family and I attended, with friends, and we were all very engaged with the creative story-telling of the young men from our eastern area who gave their lives during World War I.

The images, informative text and narration, creative lighting, poppies and crosses all came together in a most amazing way to emotionally move everyone who was there.

Well done to the Howick Village Association for such a worthwhile initiative.

Thank you Dougal Laing, Jane Newbury, Phil Dark, Mike Rowse and many others.

The only competing noise was from nearby nightclubs where young people were obviously enjoying themselves. Maybe the young ones attending paused and gave some thought to what was happening nearby.

One of my grandfathers served on the Gallipoli Peninsula; the other grandfather was awarded the military medal in Belgium in the same war.

My late father was in the RAF from 1938 to 1948 serving everyday of World War II and sometimes in direct combat. So no surprise that I often reflect that in contrast, my life, and those of my children and little grandson, have been peaceful and happy times.

How truly fortunate and blessed we all are to have had many young people before us prepared to stand up to tyranny and aggression, so that we can enjoy democracy and peace.

We support and pray for the brave and courageous Ukrainians doing exactly the same thing now.

Rev Dr Richard Waugh