Positive outcome from lockdown for Howick man

When Covid-19 hit Stuart Neels’ beloved tourism industry and the international borders were closed, he had to pivot to keep himself busy and sane.

For the last over 30 years, Stuart has headed up one of NZ’s largest inbound tourism operations, bringing tourists to New Zealand from, mainly, Britain, the rest of Europe and the US.

He decided to formalise a story he had told his children more than 25-years-ago and write a children’s book.

The book about another planet and unique creatures called ‘Neeble Nobbers’ was created. This is his first book. This fast-paced sci-fi is a comedy and adventure story for children aged 6-12 years.

Stuart Neels with his book Earth’s Acrobats.

Stuart’s idea is that it should be read by children and parents together as there are many levels of originality for all to enjoy.

As the story developed, he realise that illustrations would really enhance his story and a family friend, recently returned from New York University, Abu Dhabi, was keen to make her lockdown experience more interesting too.

The quirky sketches by Katie Glasgow Palmer, a delightful cover and writing by Stuart Neels (Stu Sleen) is definitely a positive to come from Covid lockdown experience.

Earth’s Acrobats is available from all major online retailers.