Wednesday, April 17, 2024

PM is playing god

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The protest outside Parliament had its genesis two years ago, says Sunnyhills reader Derek Paterson. Photo Wikipedia

Convoy 2022 and the protest outside Parliament had its genesis two years ago when [Prime Minister Jacinda] Ardern decided to play ‘god’ and save us all from ourselves.

She made the decision to control every aspect of the Covid response which has turned out to be a demonstration of bureaucratic incompetence.

A better response would have been to explain to the public that they had a choice – get vaccinated or run the risk of getting Covid and dying. Everyone has to make a personal choice, not a government-dictated one.

To back up this approach, the supply of vaccine would have had to be early and with options, rather than late and limited as has happened.

Having had to make, personally, what could be a life or death decision, citizens are more likely to accept minor inconveniences like masks, scanning etc.

Never forget, everyone dies, it’s only a matter of when. And that is not a government decision.

Derek Paterson, Sunnyhills

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