Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Parents must take responsibility

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With young children being responsible for taking part in ram raids, burglaries, car conversions and other anti-social behaviour, what are the parents doing?

Do they not know where their offspring are at night?

If they do not know, they should, and as such should be held responsible for the actions of their children and consequently prosecuted for their child’s actions

We are asked to provide pyjamas, blankets, school lunches, shoes etc for these children. What are the parents doing with their welfare benefits?

It is time that instead of handing out benefit money, the benefits should take the form of vouchers for necessities and should not be available for alcohol, cigarettes and the like.

Kaianga Ora provides housing which is superior to the houses in which we live. I have no central heating, one bathroom, pay for maintenance, electricity and rates etc.

There is over $9 million of unpaid rents by Kainga Ora tenants but the Government policy is not to put them out while we are threatened with having our properties sold if we do not pay our rates.

Kaianga residents can easily be spotted in a street by the rubbish and unwarranted cars without registration that sit outside and the council will do nothing about them

Those who work and act responsibility have to pay the price of these people’s actions

Arthur Moore

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