Neighbours, thank you for your help

On Saturday June 18 in the morning, I went to get into my car to go out.

In doing so, I could not release the handbrake as I have weak hands. So I looked down the street and saw a lady walking by and I asked her if she could release the handbrake for me.

She sat in the car and released the handbrake. I was standing at bottom of the drive. The car door knocked me down on my head.

Then I had a lot of help from two people in particular. One is a student nurse, Mikala, and the other one is Michelle, who both live in Galvan Avenue which is directly opposite my drive, so they can see straight away what’s going on and they came to help.

By this time, I was bleeding profusely. Mikala and Michelle went into my house and grabbed plenty of towels to put my head on, as well as ringing an ambulance.

Mikala sat with her pillow underneath my head and towels round.

We waited and waited. It didn’t come after about two hours so they said they’ll take me in the car.
They took me to my doctors, nobody was there.

So from there we went to A&E and Mikala went and got a wheelchair for me.

They took me inside. A nurse said it looked like a fractured skull.

Then they got me into the ambulance and took me to Middlemore Hospital by which time it was 11.30pm. At about 6.30am the doctor came to see me. I had a few sips of water.

The doctor took me to have my head stitched, and then I slept.

Another neighbour I would like to thank is Shelly who has been bringing me food and sweets.

I said to my family in England: “You wouldn’t believe, I was lying on driveway for two hours with people I’d never seen before, who got me where I needed to be.”

Thank you to all my neighbours who helped me.

Lily Huggett
Farm Cove