Thursday, February 29, 2024

Name and shame

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Can anyone tell me the name of the idiot (in my opinion) who had two of the three public rubbish bins removed from outside the Domino’s Pizza area at 2 Johns Lane, Pakuranga?

Please print the idiot’s name and I will make sure that person never gets a vote from me.

These were not bins hidden in some remote bush area. They were always full, sometimes overflowing, especially the one right outside Domino’s.

Now there is only one bin outside the laundromat which, of course, isn’t coping.

I see whoever had this innovation put in place made sure it was done over the holiday period, no doubt hoping no one would notice – yeah right.

If this council is serious about saving money, they should have thought about this before putting the silly little scrap bin idea in place – now that (in my opinion) is a waste of money.

Susan Bentley, Pakuranga

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